Inspection & Monitoring

UAV/RPA inspection & Monitoring brings added value and high value preservation. 

Highly risky fields of application demand perfection.
Only the best for your customers: 

Lower investment:

  • Less staff requirement with more safety. Traditional methods like industrial climbers or helicopter operations involve high risk and are cost-intensive.
  • Less time required. Quickly airborne. Quick live image analysis. Immediately processible data.
  • No loss of production. Eliminates the need to take your facilities off the grid and allows surveys during production or construction.

Range of application:

  • Inspection of Crops for Agriculture
  • Inspection of Buildings.
  • Inspection of Historical Sites
  • Inspection of Storm Damage (Insurance Agencies)
  • Inspection of photovoltaic systems.
  • Inspection of power supply lines.
  • Inspection of wind power stations.
  • Inspection of power plants and industrial parks.
  • On- and offshore inspection of drilling rigs.
  • Inspection of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Inspections of roads and railways